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Arthur A. Eubank, Jr., Ph.D.
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About Eubank Economics, Inc.

The goal of Eubank Economics, Inc. is to provide solid economic analysis using original thinking in the application of sound economic and financial theory to complex business, economic, and litigation support solutions.

Services include:
  • Consulting

  • Presentations

  • Economic Reports

  • Depositions

  • Testimony

Clients include:
  • Corporations and Individuals

  • Law Firms, Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants

  Areas of expertise include:
  • Business, economic, and agricultural consulting

  • Determination of economic losses from personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product liability, discrimination, wrongful termination, securities trading, investments, commercial damages, and lost profits

  • Investment and pension management consulting

  • Valuations for businesses, estates, and divorce asset settlements

  • Other professional consulting

Arthur A. Eubank, Jr., Ph.D.

Eubank Economics, Inc.
8 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1510
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Telephone:  312-372-0600

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